Happy Englishru 6 класс: Кауфман - 2008

Предмет: английский язык
Форма: электронный учебник
Вид: Happy English.ru (счастливый английский.ру)
Класс: 6
Кауфман Клара Исааковна
Кауфман Марианна Юрьевна
Год: 2008
Страниц: 256
Формат: PDF, mp3

Unit 1
Lesson 1 Do you remember us?
Lessoas 2,3 You are friends, aren’t you?
Lesson 4 I am so happy to see you!
Lesson 5 Who is Rob MacWizard?

Unit 2
Lessons 1,2 In the country DoDidDone
Lessons 3,4 You’ll be famous, Master Shakespeare!
Lesson 5 Will she see a UFO?
Lesson 6 In the country DoDidDone
Lesson 7 What will happen to them?
Lesson 8 Rob predicts the future of England

Unit 3
Lesson 1 Let’s do it!
Lesson 2 In Westminster Abbey
Lesson 3 A sleepover at the museum
Lesson 4 Sleepovers
Lesson 5 A girl gets lost

Unit 4
Lessons 1,2 Go down the street
Lesson 3 How do we get to Tunbridge Wells?
Lessons 4,5 Where is Charing Cross?
Lesson 6 How much is it to Charing Cross?

Unit 5
Lesson 1 What do you have to do?
Lessons 2,3 When in Rome, do as the Romans do
Lesson 4 What is the country code for Russia?
Lessons 5,6 We are always there for our pets
Lesson 7 Project «My pet»
Lesson 8 The Gunpowder Plot
Lesson 9 Bonfire Night

Unit 6
Lesson 1 I’m hungry!
Lessons 2,3 At the supermarket
Lesson 4 Stone soup
Lesson 5 Let’s have a big pizza!
Lesson 6 How much sugar do they need?
Lesson 7 He has a few friends

Unit 7
Lesson 1 Is there anybody in the room?
Lesson 2 Somebody likes chocolates
Lesson 3 Betsey’s family
Lessons 4,5 I like hiking
Lesson 6 Christmas is in the air!
Lesson 7 No Christmas for him?
Lesson 8 Every country has its customs
Lesson 9 Project

Unit 8
Lessons 1,2 In the country DoDidDone
Lessons 3,4 What could you do ten years ago?
Lesson 5 Diandra’s red hair
Lesson 6 What does Rob look like?
Lesson 7 Project «My relatives»

Unit 9
Lesson 1 In the country DoDidDone
Lesson 2 The family legend
Lesson 3 In the country DoDidDone
Lessons 4,5 I travelled to the Future

Unit 10
Lesson 1 In the country DoDidDone
Lessons 2,3 The Channel Tunnel
Lesson 4 Play Draggy
Lessons 5,6 Thеrе was a young lady of Niger

Unit 11
Lesson 1 I come from the future
Lesson 2 What’s the matter with you?
Lesson 3 Hello, Doctor Drew!
Lesson 4 If 1 have a headache
Lesson 5 What did the stars say?
Lesson 6 The prediction

Unit 12
Lesson 1 On Salisbury Plain
Lesson 2 A Ballad of Stonehenge
Lesson 3 Find the beginning of the Earth
Lessons 4,5 Let’s go to London!
Lesson 6 Project
Lesson 7 The mission is over!
Lesson 8 Final test

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